If you have been struggling with a weird stomach over the last 2 months you are not alone. If you have not – Lucky you! 

More and more people are realizing that the water quality in South Africa is becoming worse (not only from pollution) but from bad management – Load Shedding.

“The municipality has warned residents that water quality and sewage systems are impacted by high stages of load shedding.”

“Due to higher stages of load shedding, the treated water may become compromised, which is why we have advised citizens to boil water as a safety precaution,” he said in written correspondence.

In September, the municipality said that load shedding impacted the ability of the municipality to treat, disinfect and pump water effectively and that residents could experience sewage spills as sewage pump stations would be unable to function above Stage 3.

It is also asked that “To help with water quality, the municipality has also urged residents to use household chlorine and certain bleaches in warm water to disinfect water.” – This cannot be a reasonable solution!

Source: News24 posted 16 Jan 2023

Not only is water not being treated properly, but there are also chances of low pressure and possible water outages.

“Much of the city’s water and sanitation reticulation systems rely on electricity. Our water treatment works, and pump stations need electricity to operate,” the city said.

“While we have reservoirs with storage to last through short interruptions, these reservoirs rely on a continuous flow to maintain levels and be prepared for outages. That continuous flow relies on the pump stations running to pump water.”

Source: Business Tech posted 17 Jan 2023

Not All Is Lost!
Our filtration systems can block out from a 0.2-micron rating.

“According to Wikipedia, Pelagibacter ubique is one of the smallest known free-living bacteria with a length of 0.37-0.89 μm and an average cell diameter of 0.12-0.20 μm.

As per my knowledge, the smallest bacteria in the air is 0.3 microns(some environment isolates), but in water, it is 0.2 microns (B.dimenta) water living organism.”

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We offer a wide range of filtration systems. From countertop filtration systems to under counter to a whole house/building filtration system.

Water Filtration for your home

The drinking water kit


  • Provides clear, fresh, premium quality ingredient water for great beverages
  • Removes chlorine, bad taste & odour
  • Capacity 14 950 Litres (0.25c p/liter)
  • Flowrate (litres per minute) 1.9
  • 0.2 Micron rating
  • Replacement available 

Point of entry Filtration system



  • Ambient temperature: min +1°C, max +50 °C
  • Storage temperature: min +1°C, max +50 °C
  • Feed water temperature: min +1°C, max +40 °C
  • Relative humidity: up to 100%
  • Supply voltage: 90-264 VAC
  • Power consumption during cleaning: max. 20 W
  • Power consumption during filtering: max. 1 W
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 4 bar


  • Feed water: 22 mm, 3/4 inch (solder or compression fitting)
  • Permeate: 22 mm, 3/4 inch (solder or compression fitting)
  • Connection to drain: 22 mm, 3/4 inch (solder or compression fitting)

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