Coffee is 99% water.  Not only will water taste better with Everpure filtration, but it will also provide protection against harmful contaminants. Our exclusive precoat technology enables the removal of submicron particles as small as 0.5 micron in size.

Good coffee can be a real draw for customers. But if the water’s taste and odour isn’t right… it won’t matter what premium coffee bean you use.

If you are experiencing scaling issues (the buildup of calcium and magnesium). Consequently your brewing equipment will require more maintenance, or over time may fail altogether.  The best water helps make the best coffee and reduces scale damage to brewing equipment. Everpure water treatment systems achieve both.

The benefits of Everpure filtration:

  • Consistent quality/better-tasting coffee
  • Less downtime and lower energy costs
  • Lower maintenance and equipment costs
  • Satisfied customers and increased profits

Ultimate water filters provide baristas and coffee shops with water that is World Barista Championship spec water!

We are the approved filtration sponsor for the Specialty Coffee Association of South Africa (SCASA).

Each region in South Africa has an annual competition to showcase the best new barista. Great baristas along with amazing coffees, requires the ultimate water!

We test each competition venue beforehand in order to know which filter is to spec. To get the water quality on par with the WORLD BARISTA CHAMPIONSHIP specs.


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