Scorpio Roastery is based in Cape Town and specializes in roasting Specialty Grade, 100% Arabica, single origin coffee beans.  

All coffee is roasted to retain the unique characteristics of the origin.

We are currently roasting three excellent single origins from Ethiopia, Colombia and Guatemala.

What is the difference between a spanish latte and a latte?

Spanish latte is also known as a café con leche and originated in spain.

Spanish latte differs from other lattes because they use really strong coffee (Like an espresso) with scalded milk. Other forms of latte merely steamed or foamed milk.

A spanish latte is also sweeter because they add sugar, but do not mistaken the sweetness to be the same as a latte that is flavoured with syrup.

How to make Mike Ralph’s “signature” and favourite spanish latte!

It is a very popular iced coffee in Saudi and so easy to make:

1.) Double shot Espresso

2.) mix in 40ml sweetened condensed milk

3.) Pour the espresso / condensed milk mix over milk and ice and that is it.

Goes really well with the Scorpios Nicaragua.

Nicaragua Rajuanse Marsellesa Honey

For our first honey processed coffee we could not have asked for anything better than this Nicaragua Rajuanse Estate Marsellesa Honey, from the first sample roast we knew this was a special coffee.

 With it’s brown sugar sweetness, medium body, notes of cherry and red fruits with a mild citrus acidity make this a coffee to be enjoyed with or without milk, from Espresso to Plunger.

This fantastic coffee comes from Buena Esperanza Farm, the crown jewel of Rajuanse Estates, located in the beautiful mountain valleys of Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

In November 2013, the farm was acquired by the Ortiz Stoessel family, a Nicaragua Peruvian family venture. Buena Esperanza presented an opportunity to restructure the framework of the farm with modern day standards and practices.

The new operation was named RAJUANSE Estates and they are focusing on renewing of all coffee plants, protection of its natural water springs, reforestation and protection of its natural forest, also uniting neighbouring communities in a common interest of sustainability.

During the first three years, Buena Esperanza planted 500,000 new coffee plants per year. It began its certification program and in 2016 it was certified by two major sustainability programs.

The farm is commit to maintaining a sustainable footprint and has identified 50% of the land to keep and protect its natural forest.

20% of your purchase of Nicaragua Rajuanse Estate Marsellesa coffee will go to Goldilocks and the Bear Foundation.

Goldilocks and the Bear Foundation aims to provide early detection and intervention for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other mental health barriers to education in disadvantaged communities.

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