Next Gen Water Dispenser 

An exceptionally energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, compact smart water dispenser for those who want to enjoy crystal-clear water.

Unique touch interface

Slide and drink

The tempered glass and illuminated touch surface give Nano the stunning appearance it deserves. But we went one step further. With our brand new volume slider technology, all you have to do is choose the right amount, and Nano will fill your glass for you.


display for amounts


Tempered glass touch interface

Compared to average watercoolers

Ultra-low energy consumption

With its cutting-edge heating technology and Smart Energy Saver mode, Nano uses 95% less energy to heat water and consumes 7x less total energy than average coolers on the market!

Easy installation
Countertop & Freestanding

With its compact size, Nano is the smallest water cooler in the world and barely takes up any space when installed.

Provides crystal-clear water for you
The nano comes with the highest quality filtration system on the market. The multi-layer filter cartridge from EVERPURE comes with a carbon core; it’s capable of filtering 0.5 micron particles and wide range of chemicals to produce for you great taste and pure water. Thanks to the quick-change technology and the smart system of Nano, ordering and replacing filters is easier than ever.

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