Bottled Water Pump



A pump designed to produce water from commercial bottles to ensure better-tasting hot and cold beverages.
The new Bottled Water System is designed to work with coffee/tea makers, refrigerator ice and water
dispensers, espresso carts and portable sinks or any use requiring portable potable water.
The Bottled Water System is also designed for convenience. The pump automatically shuts off when the water source is depleted and restarts
when water is restored.
Its compact size supports easy mounting.

Features and Benefits

  • New Ergonomic T-Shaped Wand Handle: Easier installation and removal of wand from bottle
  • Universal seal cap fits most water containers
  • Compact size for easy mounting
  • Long-Life Motor:Ensures years of reliable operation
  • Quiet Operation: Minimizes noise pollution with noise-dampening rubber feet
  • Singflo Diaphragm Pump: Runs dry without damage, extending pump life
  • Quick Connect Port Speeds installation and replacement of suction and discharge tubing


  • Tea/Coffee Machines
  • Beverage Kiosks
  • Water Dispensers
  • Ice Makers
  • Refrigerators
  • Anywhere portable potable water is needed


  • Max.Pressure 40PSI (2.76 bar)
  • Dimensions 2.95″H x 5.12′ W x 7.62″ D
    (74.93mmH x130.05mmWx 193.54mm D’
  • Voltages 115VAC to 230V AC
  • Flow rate 1GPM (3.8Lpm)
  • Pressure 40psi (2.8bar)
    * Tea/Coffee Machines Amps Draw 0.5A
    * Beverage Kiosks Cycle 50/60 Hz for AC models
    * Water Dispensers Weight 5.72lbs. (2.60kg)
    * Ice Makers
    * Refrigerators Model Voltage Power adapter type