Carbonated Water Dispensers



Upgrade your cafĂ©, hotel, or restaurant with our state-of-the-art water dispenser, designed to enhance your guests’ experience while boosting your operational efficiency. Our dispenser provides a continuous supply of fresh, filtered water, ensuring high quality and taste that your customers will appreciate. With its sleek, modern design, it seamlessly fits into any setting, offering convenience and reducing the reliance on bottled water. This not only cuts costs but also supports your commitment to sustainability. Elevate your service and stand out from the competition with a reliable water solution that caters to both your guests and your bottom line.


Under counters + Tower OR Over counter carbonated, still and sparkling water

  1. 50 l p/hour
  2. 90 l p/hour

We offer an exclusive personalisation service!

Choose the machine you want and decide the colour, the shape of the dispensing point and the buttons style

  • For logos, the file must be in PNG, SVG or PDF format
  • For images, the file must be PNG or JPEG
  • File size must be 1280 x 720 px or bigger

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