3-Stage Tankless Reverse Osmosis System


  • Drinking water

Features – Benefits:

  • Quick connect filter replacement with twist and local feature
  • LED light indicator on smart faucet alerts you when it’s time to change the filter
  • Enjoy better water up to 96.8% reduction of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
  • Convenient vertical under sink unit with no need for a storage tank




The QuickConnect Tankless RO features a stylish smart faucet, and the premium, modern design of the system allows it to fit easily under the sink with no need for bulky pitchers taking up space in the refrigerator. Improve your daily routine by drinking and cooking with better-tasting water.

  • 1500 litres per a day
  • Quick access to fresh, cold water with reduced Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), which are the amount of organic and inorganic materials, such as metals, minerals, salts, and ions dissolved in a particular volume of water
  • Easy read front panel on system provides filter life indicators and service reminders
  • Quick connect filter replacement with twist and lock feature
  • Simple DIY install following a step-by-step installation video and comprehensive user manual
  • The Auto Flush feature keeps the RO membrane fresh and prevents hard-water buildup, helping your system to operate at peak performance
  • Built-in leak detection safeguards against accidents
  • Have confidence in your purchase with a 1-year manufacturer warranty

Reduce Total Dissolved Solids


Enjoy Peace of Mind


Improve Food & Drink




Save time and effort with convenient quick connect filters. Filter changes can be completed within seconds with a simple twist, with no need to shut off the water supply.

The LED light indicator on the smart faucet will tell you when it’s time to change a filter. The indicator lights on the front of the system provide a more detailed look at filter life. Blue light indicates the filter life is good, purple light indicates the filter will expire soon, and red light indicates the filter is expired and needs to be changed.

Change the CF (composite) and CB (carbon) filters every 12 months, and the RO membrane every 24 months.