Scaling is not just damaging to warewashing equipment, it also wastes energy and produces unsightly spotting on glasses, dishes and utensils. Our systems inhibit or eliminate limescale buildup, reduce corrosion and allow for easy deliming. The result is equipment that runs more smoothly and lasts longer. Keep dishwashers running smoothly.

The benefits of Everpure filtration for scale reduction:
  • Scale build-up can increase energy usage and equipment maintenance costs while shortening the life of equipment
  • Economical solutions are available to control this build-up and periodically remove any accumulation
  • Consider for all equipment that heats or freezes water in areas with water that has even small levels of hardness
  • Equipment lasts longer
  • Less downtime and lower equipment costs
  • Lower maintenance and energy costs
  • Increased profits
  • Easy deliming

Claris filter product range for scale reduction


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