However you like your coffee, before your favourite barista took your order and ground the beans, chances are good they considered the water they’re using to make your perfect cup of coffee — whether iced, with soy milk, or black. And while coffee culture keeps expanding and finding new ways to improve on the classics, the fact remains: It’s mostly water.

“Ninety-eight percent of what you find in your cup of coffee is water,” says Martha Grill, a recent winner of the Brazilian Barista Championship. “If you don’t take care of the quality of your water, you can ruin the best coffee you’ll ever find.”

We caught up with Grill at the World Barista Championships in Boston, where competitors relied on Pentair Everpure technology to ensure their coffee started with the world’s best water.

If it seems surprising Pentair played a role in the World Barista Championships, you might also be surprised to learn that we’re in coffeehouses all over the world — from large brands that you know and love to independent baristas running their own specialty shops.

Just as creating the perfect cup requires careful attention to detail, starting with the perfect water can take some effort — and Pentair is there to help.

To start, all good water needs to be clean and free of impurities, but Pentair filtration is just the beginning. Great water for coffee also has the right blend of minerals to ensure consistent flavor and brewing characteristics. Our foodservice water technology ensures just that.

Finally, in addition to making it taste great, Pentair makes efficiency a priority — as in our commercial reverse osmosis system. How does it relate to coffee? More water ends up in your cup, instead of down the drain.

So now you know: Great coffee starts with great water — and great water starts with Pentair!

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