Water is the single most important ingredient in food service, therefore water management is very important!

Consider these facts:

  • ice is 100 percent water,
  • coffee is 99 percent water,
  • fountain beverages are 83 percent water,
  • soups and sauces are up to 80 percent water.

With these percentages, it’s no wonder more and more foodservice establishments worldwide depend on Everpure water treatment systems! Everpure water treatment systems provides the best quality and the most consistent water possible.

Although, we don’t just offer products.

Therefore, we make running your business easier with our unique and innovative water management services.

Our Total Water Management (TWM) program bundles together products, knowledge, services and tools into one linear process.

Water in the food service industry

Ultimate Water is the sole distributor of Everpure water treatment systems in Southern Africa and recognises the need for a quality water purification solution. Everpure is the food service industry’s most recognised brand in water treatment and services worldwide. Our product quality is measured from idea to delivery through a rigorous quality index, our customers can trust our products’ performance.

Ultimate Water aims to ensure premium water that’s free of contaminants, allowing you to serve the highest quality beverages.

Increasing the longevity of your equipment and saving you money!
Hassle-free, making sure you have peace of mind! Ensuring brand protection!

We are able to provide a water analysis from our water map if you are not sure on which water management system you need! If a water test is needed we will be able to send our experts to test your water and get back to you with the best suited system for you!

The Total water management program consists of 3 phases:

  1. Customer Needs
  2. Situation Analysis & Recommendation
  3. Implementation & Management

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