Meeting at the “water cooler” AKA Ultimate Water Stand, there’s a buzz of excitement and the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffees that fills the air. This year’s Specialty Coffee Expo in Fourways, Johannesburg was nothing short of spectacular. It was a gathering of passionate coffee roasters, baristas, and enthusiasts, all coming together to celebrate and elevate the art of coffee.

At our stand, the importance of water in coffee brewing took center stage. As any coffee aficionado knows, water quality is crucial for the perfect cup. We were honoured to be the official water suppliers for the event, providing coffee spec, filtered water to 16 specialty coffee roasters. These roasters, armed with their La Marzocco Mini machines, crafted exceptional coffee that showcased their unique roasts and expertise.

The chatter around the “water cooler” was lively and informative. Conversations ranged from the nuances of different coffee beans to the impact of water minerals on flavour profiles. It was clear that the roasters appreciated having access to high-quality water, which allowed their coffee to shine.

Water, often an unsung hero in coffee preparation, was given its due recognition at this event. It’s not just about H2O; it’s about the right balance of minerals that can either complement or detract from the coffee’s natural flavours. Our filtration system ensured that every cup brewed at the expo was a testament to the harmonious marriage between water and coffee.

A special shoutout goes to Jason and Cezanne for their incredible efforts in organising this event. Their dedication to supporting the specialty coffee industry was evident in every detail. Their passion for coffee and commitment to excellence created an environment where knowledge was shared, connections were made, and the love for coffee was deepened.

Reflecting on the expo, it’s clear that the specialty coffee scene in Johannesburg is thriving. The event not only highlighted the skill and creativity of local roasters but also emphasised the critical role of quality water in coffee preparation. As we stood by the “water cooler” AKA Ultimate Water Stand, exchanging insights and savouring exquisite brews, we were reminded that the simplest elements, like water, can have the most profound impact.

Here’s to Jason, Cezanne, and everyone who made the Specialty Coffee Expo a resounding success. Your efforts have enriched the coffee community and set the stage for even greater achievements in the future.

Until next time, let’s raise our cups to exceptional coffee and the filtered water that makes it all possible.

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