Customer Needs Assessment is the first phase of the Total Water Management process.

Which includes:

  • water testing,
  • conducting a site survey,
  • applying application engineering to a customer’s operation.

The customer needs assessment phase includes:

  • Equipment Inventory: we take inventory of an operation’s inventory, taking note of the water-using equipment that is within the operation, and documenting water treatment equipment that already exists on the premises. 
  • Water Analysis: we complete a detailed water analysis to determine site-specific water quality attributes that may be causing any problems. 
  • Water Usage Estimate: we take an estimate of your operation’s water usage, measuring both the overall water consumption and amount of water used by individual pieces of equipment. 
  • Service Evaluation: we evaluate the current level of water treatment equipment service that may already exist. 
  • Staffing Analysis: we establish on-site staff’s level of understanding about water filtration/treatment 
  • Business Review: we confirm understanding of business goals and how water plays a part in meeting the requirements 

The steps within this phase are designed to allow us to accurately determine the type of solution an operation may need in order to provide the best water possible.

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