Do you know what is in your water?

Generally speaking South Africa was one of the few countries in the world that’s water was safe to drink from the tap…that was 10 years ago!

1. Minerals that cause hard/soft water

Water filtration requirements in Cape Town differ completely from water filtration requirements in Johannesburg/Kwazulu Natal/anywhere else and even differ drastically within 100kms. 

Therefore it is very important to understand the minerals that are in your water. We are able to do an in-house test of your water to help you find the best-suited filtration system. To avoid your machine from getting damaged.

We always tell our clients to match the water filter with the content of their water. That’s why we always insist on water analysis, to make sure we know what water filtration system to recommend. Technicians have horror stories to tell!

Here are a few images of what happens if you do not have the correct filter. 

2. Plastic

The dangers of plastics, and more specifically microplastics, are increasingly grabbing the world’s attention. Substantial amounts of microplastics – bits of plastics less than 5mm in size – were found in the tap water. 

What is Micro-plastics? 

Microplastics are generally understood to be pieces, particles, or fibres less than 5 mm long.

They have three major sources.

  1. The first is when large bits of plastic break down into tiny pieces not clear to the eye.
  2. The second is when fibers are shed from fabrics during use and washing.
  3. The third is microbeads. These are also tiny and are manufactured to be used in products ranging from toothpaste to facial scrubs, and sandblasting.

Our Filtration systems filter out micro plastics maximum pore size of 0.2 microns—meaning they can filter contaminants of that size and greater. The smallest microparticles reportedly detected in the oceans are 1.6 microns in diameter. 

3. Typhoid

Typhoid in municipal water – South Africa. Our water filtration system will trap bacteria. Preventing bacteria from passing through filters into your beverage or onto your food. Keeping you & the family safe!

Do not fear, not all is lost, we have the solution for your home/office/restaurant!


Many Pentair-Everpure’s water filters featuring MicroPure™-II media are labeled to 0.5 microns. This is the limit that NSF tests to when awarding certification for Standard-42 (Class-I particulate reduction).

We are however pleased to inform you that the water filters listed above have been confirmed to be a log-5 reduction* (99.999% reduction) in 0.2μm bacteria.

Pentair-Everpure’s NSF-42 BE certification is only made possible because of the design features in our precoat filters and the use of our proprietary MicroPure™-II media. 

Our NSF/ANSI-42 BE certification means that – unlike many water filters on the market – the Pentair systems with this certification limit the passage or growth bacteria that may already exist in the incoming water.

Get your water tested

We have made it our mission and top priority to supply South Africa with the best possible solutions to water filtration. So you can do what you do best serve customers delicious coffee, beverage, and ice products! We also offer household filtration systems for your kitchen and drinking water. Get in touch with us to get a water filtration system / to help you understand your water better. 

Test my water

Test my water


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