Not any water filter is the correct filter!

Water filtration requirements in Cape Town differs completely from water filtration requirements in Johannesburg and even 100kms out of Cape Town.

We always tell our clients to match the water filter with the content of your water.

That’s why we always insist on a water analysis, to make sure we know what water filtration system to recommend.

Technicians have horror stories to tell!

This coffee machine has seen better days!

Incorrect water filtration can make your water corrosive!

Stop what you’re doing and get a water sample to us!

We will in house test your sample for free to check which water filter is required for your water and equipment. Whether it’s for a coffee machine, Coca Cola soda fountain, ice machine maker or domestic drinking water

This is what happens when you use a softening filter in soft water:

This copper piece comes from an espresso machine. The softening water filter made the water corrosive (low pH) and started corroding the copper.
If you use a softener on normal / soft water, you will eventually notice greenish / blue build up.

If your coffee / ice / beverage equipment is your bread and butter, you wouldn’t want any downtime, unnecessary headaches or complaints from customers saying your product does not taste the same as a week ago. 

Clearly, when it comes to water filtration:


We are here to help and we have the solution! 

We have the water filtration range to cater for any water condition! 
Here’s what you can do:

  • Get in contact! 
  • Send us a water sample
  • We do the testing and water filter recommendation
  • We have technicians who can install it for you!

Increasing the longevity of your equipment and saving you money!
Hassle-free, making sure you have peace of mind! Ensuring brand protection!

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